Dr. Zakir Husain College Infrastructure

S.No Type of Room Area
1 Director office 10'X15'=150sq.ft
2 Principal office 10'X15'=150sq.ft
3 College Office and Reception 25'X15'=375sq.ft
4 Staff Rooms 20'X20'=400sq.ft
5 Classrooms 30'X20'=600sq.ft
6 Laboratories for all Subjucts 25'X15'=375sq.ft
7 Computer Lab 30'X30'=900sq.ft
8 Store Room 15'X15'=150sq.ft
9 Library 30'X30'=900sq.ft
10 Lavatories and Common Room
11 Generater Room 15'X15'=225sq.ft
12 Seminar Hall 110'X40'=4400sq.ft

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