A Tribute

A Dream, a Vision and Mission has been realized by Late Dr. Zakiuddin Sahab, himself in the form of Dr. Zakir Husain Institutes, Burhanpur(M.P.). Dr. Zakiuddin as the pioneering secretary and founder Director of these institutes and he captioned his dream as a “Mission with Vision”. He sowed, reaped and patronized his students to give them the best career options in the academic arena of Burhanpur, and synchronized them with the academic progress of the rest of the world.

Dr. Zakiuddin started his career as a lecturer in Saifee Golden Jubilee Quaderia College, Burhanpur. He went on to serve as Principal of the same college for over 29 yrs. During his tenure, he set very high standards of administration and education in the institute. Afterwards, he was instrumental in establishing other educational institutions in Burhanpur such as Tibbiya College, Burhanpur and Dr. Zakir Husain College, Burhanpur.

As a quality loving and exceptionally hard working personality, he always led from the front and set high standards by his charismatic personality, great academic vision and value based morals. His sudden and untimely demise has come as an irreplaceable loss to us. However, it is and always will be our endeavour to execute his dream to the fullest, and maintain the high standards he set. The values he put forth shall endlessly be our “mission with vision” and his academic and social services to the historical land of Burhanpur shall be remembered for ever and ever.

Members & Staff of
Dr. Zakir Husain Edu. & Cult. Society, Burhanpur