Infrastructure & Location:

The campus is located in an open and serene environment free from the traffic noise and other pollution. It boasts of a total land area of about 12  acres, with a built up area of about 10000 sq ft. We have well equipped laboratories, specialized Library with up to date publications related to the curriculum and also current affairs. It has a total of approx. 30,000 books as well as latest journals and magazines on Sports, politics, literature, Science, education, and various other topics. Large area of the campus is designated for sports like Cricket, Football, Long jump, Volleyball, Kabaddi, etc. Recently, a new addition to the campus is a multi purpose Hall with an accomodation of over 200 persons for special functions and Seminars. The building has the following facilities:

Director Office

No. of Rooms: 01

10’ *15’

Principals Offices

No. of Rooms: 04

10’ * 15’ each

College Office & Reception

No. of Rooms: 01

25’ * 15’

Staff Rooms

No. of Rooms: 06

20’ * 20’ each


No. of Rooms: 37

30’ * 20’ each

Laboratories For all subjects

No. of Rooms: 06

30’ * 30’ each

Computer Lab

No. of Rooms: 02

20’ * 15' each with 16 computers each.

Store Room

No. of Rooms: 03

15' * 15'


No. of Rooms: 02

30’ * 30’ each

Lavatories and Common Rooms

No. of Rooms: 22

Separate For Boys and Girls

Generater Room

No. of Rooms: 01

15’ * 15’

Seminar Hall

No. of Rooms: 01

110' *40'